The August DC Update

On this month’s edition of the WaterLog Podcast’s DC Update, Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi discuss the structure of the Corps as a part of the Department of Defense, give a legislative update on WRDA and Energy & Water Appropriations, and then talk generally about coastal resilience and the hurricane outlook.   Another great show…

The June DC Update: ‘A Nation in Turmoil’

ASPN’s premier DC show on congress, the Corps of Engineers, and federal appropriations.  It’s a don’t-miss show when Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi take us inside the Capitol and share their insights into the complex world that drives so much activity and policy on the American shoreline. They’re two smart pros.  Don’t miss it!

WaterLog February 2020

On this episode of the WaterLog podcast, hosts Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi discuss the USACE FY20 Work Plan and California’s projects in that plan, introduce the audience to the new Director or Civil Works, go over some WRDA updates, and conclude with an editorial on why the FY21 coastal policy is a literal disaster.

FY20 Work Plan on the Way

Howard and Dan break down the most pressing coastal issues working their way through the Nation’s capital. On this episode kicking off the 2020 calendar year, they discuss the federal appropriations bill and work plan, the US dredge budget, BUDM pilot projects, legal issues related to Hurricane Harvey, and conclude with a discussion about all…

November DC Update

On this episode of the WaterLog Podcast, hosts Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi being us the latest from DC, including the impeachment proceedings, an update on Federal funding, how Congress is eyeing coastal resilience, a new bill in Congress that could slash State’s input on the Clean Water Act, discussion on the National Food Insurance…

OMB: The No-Show

  On the 11th episode of the WaterLog Podcast, Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi debrief the ASBPA National Conference in Myrtle Beach,  the Energy and Water appropriations bill, the Office of Management and Budget, and the insurance’s role in creating coastal resilience.