WaterLog Podcast (5/3): FY24 Coastal Earmarks, Beach Nourishment and Offshore Wind Legislation, A Dismal Outlook on Offshore Wind Jobs, and Congressional Outlook

On the May Episode of the WaterLog Podcast, Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi discuss coastal earmarks in the FY24 appropriations process, upcoming legislation in Congress that involves both beach nourishment and offshore wind, and a disappointing jobs report in the offshore wind space. Then, a Congressional outlook for the remainder of the year including debt…

WaterLog Podcast 9/8/22: Offshore Wind Legislation, *Free* Corps Money, and a Post-Recess Congressional Update

On the September episode of the WaterLog Podcast, Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi discuss offshore wind legislation designed to benefit impacted communities, money available to states and communities from the Corps of Engineers for comprehensive planning and technical assistance, and provide a brief update on what to expect from Congress as it returns from summer recess.