Howard Marlowe


Since 1984, Howard Marlowe has assisted over 150 local government and nonprofit clients to implement projects and policies that promote coastal resilience with the help of Congress and the Federal Government.  With nearly 40 years of experience working with Congress, the Corps of Engineers and various other federal agencies to achieve clients’ objectives. Howard's knowledge and experience as an advocate in the coastal industry has been showcased on CBS News, CNN and many other news outlets as well as in USA Today and dozens of major newspapers in the nation as well as Europe.  Howard is the President of Warwick Group Consultants, a governmental affairs firm in Washington, D.C., that focuses on helping its clients navigate the complicated world of federal water resources policy.



Dan Ginolfi


Dan has worked across the nation as a consultant and advocate for local governments and nonprofits to protect beaches and the coastal communities they defend from coastal storms and erosion. He has been deeply involved in pre-disaster Corps of Engineers projects that have helped save taxpayers billions in post-disaster costs . He has been an integral part of Warwick Group Consultants as a policy advisor and lobbyist and leads the firm Coastal Strategies. His has a bachelors degree in systems engineering from James Madison University and a masters in civil and coastal engineering from Old Dominion University. Dan lives in Bethesda, Maryland and is a lifelong surfer, musician and adventurer.



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