I want to take a minute to invite you to check out our newly revamped website.  The layout is cleaner, clearer, and more user friendly than ever.  Please give it a test-drive at waterlog.net.

At Alden Street Consulting, we used our 35 years of experience working with coastal communities and Congress to develop this resource for everyone passionate about protecting our nation’s shores.  As always, we never promote our clients and have absolutely nothing to sell.  WaterLog continues to provide you with valuable information about coastal erosion and flooding you won’t find anywhere else. 

Looking for basic info about sea level rise, coastal flooding, and how coastal communities are protecting themselves?  What about coastal-related grant opportunities and legislation?  Want to find out about trustworthy organizations and websites focused on enhancing the coastal environment shores?  How about the latest reports from CRS and GAO on disaster assistance and flood insurance?  The new and improved WaterLog has you covered, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (so to speak).

WaterLog also provides straightforward explanations of the complex processes and procedures of the Army Corps of Engineers (THE major player when it comes to building and improving our nation’s water infrastructure), as well as great visuals such as maps of Corps projects across the country and videos of beaches being renourished.  Our new layout makes it easier than ever for you to find the answers you need!

Don’t forget about my favorite part, the WaterLog Blog, where we provide our uncensored opinions and interpretations of the latest news and developments.  As you already know, blog posts provide an insider take on, among other things, what’s being done to fight back against the changing global climate and the related rise of the seas. 

Take a look around the new site when you have a minute.  You can also get the latest in coastal news by following me on Twitter @HDMarlowe and by checking out my LinkedIn page at hdmarlowe.  We gladly encourage you to pass this along to any of your colleagues and friends who might be interested.  They can subscribe here to receive blog posts and the latest updates to the website. 

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